Monday, March 9, 2009

New U.S. Bill Would Ban Organic Farming

The group Campaign For Liberty, affiliated with Congressman Dr. Ron Paul of Texas, warns us of the bill that would in effect ban organic farming and backyard gardening. And all under the disguise of “food safety.” The link to the report is HERE.

According to the press release from the campaign, bill HR 875 would “literally put all independent farmers and food producers out of business due to the huge amounts of money it will take to conform to factory farming methods”.

The bill would also “legally bind state agriculture depts. to enforce federal guidelines, effectively taking away the states power to do anything other than being food police for the federal dept.”.

There is a similar bill in the Senate, S 425.

We at the voice urge you to call your Representatives and Senators NOW and urge them to vote against these two bills. These bills represent a grave threat to Americans who don't want to be for ever enslaved to factory farming and its supporters.

This bill is another anti-Distributist attack on our family farmers, as well as another power grab by both the federal government and food giants like ADM and Monsanto. Don't let them succeed! Demand your representatives in Washington vote “NO” on these two horrid bills.


The Western Confucian said...

Your excellent post brings this N.W.O. horror to mind: Codex Alimentarius.

The Western Confucian said...

Just a note, there is some unwarranted anti-Christian and anti-Catholic boilerplate in the above video. This is more balanced:

The Western Confucian said...

Not to burden you with comments, but your post is of utmost importance.

Here's an even better documentary on the subject: