Monday, July 26, 2010

Stop Killing America's Middle Class

This photo essay from the financial web site Business Insider gives 22 specific indicators that the middle class in America is crumbling into dust. Go HERE to read it.

When money and power are worth more than morals and people, we're all screwed. Alas, the self-proclaimed elites running America into the ground prefer the former. They will settle for nothing less than a Global State under their rule.

We who support and promote Distributism will settle for nothing less than their total defeat. Along with prayer and God's guidance, teaching our neighbors about Distributism and practicing it where we're able will contribute to that bright day of our opponent's defeat.

Let this report be fuel for the fire and do what you can to stop the persecution of the middle class.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Update On Posted Comments for The Future

Friends and neighbors,

Since the last post, I have had to delete four comments to it. Said posts were not only not in English as was requested, but they were links to Japanese porn web sites.

In light of this, I am now forced to review all comments sent here before they're published. I would rather not do it. But those more interested in spreading pornography don't care. So the previewing of comments will remain until further notice.

Thank you all for your time and patience.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Minor Note On Posts And Comments

Friends and neighbors,

In the last post, I received some encouraging comments which I appreciate. However, some of them were typed in some non-English script that couldn't show up in the comment box.

So I ask all commentators to this blog to please write in English only. I can't read any language other than English. So please be considerate of this and thank you all in advance.

As for future posts in this blog, they will come on an irregular basis for the near future. I still am struggling with both my Type 2 Diabetes and recently diagnosed OCPD. (Please go HERE to the Wikipedia article to learn more about it.)

My colleague, Mr. Weismiller, is going through his own set of problems at the moment. He will post when he is able.

Permit me to thank you all for your patience with us on this. God bless you all.