Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Defend Organic Small Farming Now!

The leftist environmental group Tree Huggers of America put out a press release on March 3rd, written by Linn Cohen-Cole. It tells of two more bills heading to the U.S. Congress that -- along with the bills mentioned two days ago -- would further smash the already weakened family farmers and farmer co-ops.

The link to their press release is HERE.

The four bills that need to be stopped cold are:

HR 875, HR 814, S 425, and soon, HR 759

Like so many other bills in the U.S. Congress, this is being snuck under the radar, so to speak. The so-called "mainstream media" won't cover this, or usually botch up the job.

So that means you readers of the Voice must call your Congressmen and Senators and demand they vote "NO" on these bills. Then let your friends and neighbors know what the Congress is planning to do to destroy organic farms, farmer co-ops, roadside stands and even backyard gardens.

This is no Chicken Little alarm over nothing. This is the real deal. Socialists and Monopoly Capitalists are aiming for the small farmers, and to keep control of the nation's food supply to themselves only.

Fight these anti-farmer and anti-Distributist bills now in Congress. Tell your Congressmen and Senators to vote "NO" on these bills. Then spread the word to stop these acts of tyranny. Thank you.

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