Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Minor Note On Posts And Comments

Friends and neighbors,

In the last post, I received some encouraging comments which I appreciate. However, some of them were typed in some non-English script that couldn't show up in the comment box.

So I ask all commentators to this blog to please write in English only. I can't read any language other than English. So please be considerate of this and thank you all in advance.

As for future posts in this blog, they will come on an irregular basis for the near future. I still am struggling with both my Type 2 Diabetes and recently diagnosed OCPD. (Please go HERE to the Wikipedia article to learn more about it.)

My colleague, Mr. Weismiller, is going through his own set of problems at the moment. He will post when he is able.

Permit me to thank you all for your patience with us on this. God bless you all.