Monday, March 16, 2009

Ferrara On The "Austrian School"

Distributism's critics among the Communists -- that is, if they ever bother to criticize at all -- call what we hold "petite bourgeois revisionism". The Fascists would probably try to infiltrate us in order to take us over.

But the fiercest critics so far have been the Austrian School Libertarians among the Capitalists. Dr. Thomas Woods, Lew Rockwell and others have aimed their rhetorical guns on Distributism over the last couple of years.

This 2005 article from Christopher Ferrara of the American Catholic Lawyers Association gives a rebuttal and expose of this branch of Capitalist thought. Originally published in The Angelus magazine and reposted by our colleagues at The ChesterBelloc Mandate, this excellent article presents a summary of why this school of thought is heretical to Traditional Catholics and others of good will.

The reposted article can be read HERE.

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