Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Status Update

Hello, friends and neighbors.

This is a brief update on how I've been faring so far.

I've been struggling to keep my blood sugar levels to near normal. Some days, it's good, sometimes not. My diet is slowly becoming more vegetarian but unwillingly. My weight has been yo-yo-ing around the 155 lbs. level and I still need to lose 10 more pounds.

I've also been taking tranquillizers, due to having a near-nervous breakdown at my workplace in mid-April. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and mild OCD. So along with my Type 2 Diabetes, I also have THIS to contend with.

And I recently had a sleep study test done to see if the mild sleep apnea I was diagnosed with in 2005 has improved or not. The results should be coming in soon.

So I'm still concentrating on getting healthier than I am, and as in so many things, it's an uphill struggle. Because of this, I'm still -- for the most part -- on medical break from blogging. I still ask for your prayers and good wishes for me to triumph over these maladies.

I also ask for your prayers for my parents, who are also going through their own health problems. Dad's in his late 70's, Mom's in her 80's. No prayers will ever be wasted.

And as I said before, my colleague Mr. Weismiller will post here when he is able.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and patience. Continue to pray and work for the bright future of a Distributist Earth, wherever in the world you are.