Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Libya Tragedy Highlights Immigration Woes

As reported by the Christian Science Monitor and the globalist news network CNN, several hundred illegal immigrants may have died off of the coast of Libya. According to the Monitor's article, one boat is confirmed sunk off of the Libyan coast, with three more feared sunk but there is no confirmation. You may read the Monitor's article HERE.

Just as illegal immigrants from Latin America use Mexico to enter the USA in search of a better life, Arab and African illegals use countries like Libya and Malta to enter the European Union nations for the same purpose. In spite of the economic downturn plaguing the Union, and increasing unemployment in its member nations, people from Ghana and Nigeria, Ethiopia and Somalia and elsewhere fly northward to get work to support their families.

As the CNN article notes, just like their counterparts in Mexico, smugglers make obscene profits on the backs of these unskilled laborers and refugees wanting to enter Italy or Spain. And in both cases, too often these illegals can get ripped off and be abandoned to either border police or the fickle favors of Mother Nature. You may read the CNN article HERE.

It is stating the obvious that these poor people wouldn't be forced to leave their homelands if there domestic situations were more stable than they are. And that is due to either Socialist or Marxist dictatorships running and ruining their homelands, multinational corporations ravaging the local economy, ethnic and tribal infighting or all three combined.

That is why we who believe in and support Distributism must bring it to the Third World, so that these impoverished nations no longer have to let their citizens run away toward an uncertain future. Doing this now and teaching them now the insights of Belloc and Chesterton and their successors will help avoid future tragedies like what just happened off Libya's coast.

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