Saturday, March 14, 2009

Local Currency: "The Food Standard"

Thanks to our colleague Kevin Carson at the Free Market Anti-Capitalist blog, we found a report from the web log The Oil Drum written by Jason Bradford and dated March 4th. {Click on the web log name to read the report.}

This deals with a project in Mendo, California called Mendo Credits. In effect, it is a local currency similar to the BerkShares project in western Massachusetts. However, the Mendo Credits can be redeemed for beans, wheat and rice. It is a legal, debt-free alternative to the fiat-based currency used in America.

This is another example of Distributist principles put into action on the local level. There's been positive reaction to this project, as there has been with BerkShares. Mr. Bradford's report alone has generated 141 comments as of this writing.

What is known as "complementary currencies", like the Mendo Units, should be encouraged and set up as soon as possible. With the current economy in a shambles thanks to the schemes of Washington's pro-globalist fanatics, these alternative local currencies will aid local economies to get back on their feet.

If you wish to comment on Mr. Bradford's report and project, please let him know you read about it in the Voice. And then act on what you've read.

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