Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tempest Within The "Tea Party"?

Author, columnist and lawyer Christopher A. Ferrara has done written another column regarding the American political scene. The new "Tea Party Movement", getting people concerned about the economic and political malaise in America, may not be all that is cracked up to be. Especially vis-a-vis Traditional Catholics.

For Distributists as well, this new movement may peter out if the angry electorate gets seduced into voting for the same-old same-old again. Fixing pocket-book issues without also fixing social issues won't fix our society for the better. Ferrara points this out clearly in his essay for The Remnant, America's oldest Traditional Catholic bi-weekly. You may read his article HERE.

Let us Distributists continue to learn about what we hold true and promote it to our neighbors. Then act on what we learn within our neighborhoods to end the evils that brought on this Tea Party Movement.

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