Monday, May 11, 2009

Mr. Baker's Modest Proposals

The majority of this blog's readers being American, they are all too familiar with the corruption, greed and villainy that comprises the Congress today. And has comprised it for decades.

It is just as bad in England, where Belloc - co-founder of Distributism - served for two terms as a Minister of Parliament (MP), and co-wrote The Party System with Chesterton's brother Cecil.

This essay from the London Daily Mail is from current MP Mr. Norman Baker, and can be read HERE. The boiling rage against both Democrats and Republicans in Washington is also simmering against their counterparts in London, as Mr. Baker points out.

Near the end of his essay, he puts forth certain proposals that would chain down much of the financial shenanigans that many in the House of Commons practice. Only God Almighty knows if these proposals will become law or even get out of committee. but it's better they see the light of day than not at all.

As Chesterton said in 1918:

"It is hard to make government representative when it is also remote."

Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic must be brought out of their remoteness, wherever it is or how it's disguised to the public eye, and be brought to account for their evil actions. Especially when the public purse is involved, as it is in a sickening way in Mr. Baker's Britain. Let's never give up the fight to make it so.

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