Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama and Credit Unions

With the brouhaha still brewing over the Bankers Bailout of a few months ago, as well as the problems with the credit crunch and an unaudited Federal Reserve System, one would think that the Obama regime would turn to workable alternatives to Big Banking.

Or at least to encourage them among businesses and others looking to strengthen their local economies, as we Distributists would.

But the Obama White House is in the same mold as the ones before it - beholden to global government and globalist financiers.

The left-wing journal The Free Press has an article, dated May 12th, by co-authors Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman. It explains, in part, why the Obama regime won't look to credit unions for new ideas to get the economy revived. You may read the article HERE.

Let's promote Distributism in part by promoting doing our financial affairs at credit unions. You've be giving your local community a healthy shot in the arm.

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