Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FDA Bullies Small Natural Vitamin Companies

This disturbing article, dated October 21, is written by Mike Adams for the alternative health news and information website Mr. Adams is the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had a terrible reputation with the natural and so-called "alternative" health sector. There has been documented cases of FDA legal harassment and worse, as Mr. Adams notes in his essay, which you can read HERE.

He calls for all small vitamin and natural supplement companies in America to join together in a lawsuit against the FDA. There is also a bill filed in the U.S. Congress by the intrepid Dr. Ron Paul of Texas, called the "Health Freedom Protection Act". You can read more about it HERE. The Voice supports such actions, and encourages our readers to do likewise.

What the FDA is doing violates a core principle in Distributist Thought - subsidiarity. That is, taking care of things at the lowest level possible. The Federal government is wrong to persecute small health and vitamin companies like these. Both restrictions on the FDA and unified action between these companies will repel these immoral and Socialist actions by this agency.

Do what you can to help these noble efforts succeed, and tell your neighbors about it. Thank you.

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