Saturday, October 11, 2008

Athanasius on the "New Ali Baba"

Our colleague "Athanasius" of the web log Athanasius Contra Mundum has written a hard-hitting piece for our allied blog The New Distributist League. It is on the results of the so-called Bailout bill, known by it's euphemism as the "Economic Rescue Plan". Click HERE to read his powerful analysis.

The bailout was a fraud. The way it was rammed through the Congress was a fraud. The song-and-dance routine the government leaders do to defend this plan is a fraud.

But what can one expect when our Congress is dominated by Globalists and Socialists - whether Marxist, Fabian or Corporate? The elites who conjured up this curse, both Republican and Democrat, did it to rescue their allies on Wall Street. Not us.

What does this mean for Joe and Jane Average in America? For the short term, as I've read from the "mainstream" and alternative media experts is:

1) Stock up on essentials like food, drinkable water, soap, gasoline and the like.

2) Get out of debt as quickly as your means will allow. The economist Dave Ramsay has a good plan which has worked for thousands, and can been read on his website HERE.

3) Keep a good reserve of cash on hand for emergencies.

For the long term, what shall we do?

Don't expect any real help from either Washington or their Big Business allies. We will have to rebuild our economy ourselves with God's grace and mercy. It will have to rebuilt from the bottom-up with our pooled resources, with the poor and middle classes working together.

It means rebuilding our agricultural and industrial sector on a pro-small business and cooperative basis.

It means targeting the needs of the local and regional economies over the state, the state over the nation, the nation over the world.

It means the creation and maintenance of locally-based inflation-proof currencies to help stimulate the local and regional economies. One of the best plans for that is the BerkShares plan in Western Massachusetts, which you can read about HERE.

It means teaching the general public about Distributist Thought, how it is practical and how it can be implemented where they live. It won't be easy, but nothing worth while ever is.

And it means starting all this TODAY! Do what you can where you are to start it.

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