Monday, October 13, 2008

BALLE Co-Founder On Changing The Economy

From The Sun Magazine of August, 2008, there is an interview with Judy Wicks, co-founder of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). There are one of the links we have here on the Voice. You can read the interview HERE.

In this interview, she speaks of her work in promoting the strengthening of local economies over the nation one. In light of the engineered fiascoes from the so-called "Bailout Bill" and the international credit crunch, it is encouraging to read about people working toward a Distributist future.

One neighborhood at a time.

Be warned, however, that Ms. Wicks tends to promote the "progressivist" worldview on international affairs. That is, rightly criticizing American and Western foreign policy measures, but ignoring similar ones from the Communist and Socialist nations like Russia and Red China.

This is what we Distributists have to face and deal with when promoting endeavors like BALLE. It is our duty to teach those who are "progressivist" that real social progress stays in line with the Church's Social Teachings, common sense and logic.

For real social progress won't happen if they are abandoned for a poisonous dystopia that folks like the late John Lennon put in his song "Imagine".

As St. Paul told us in the New Testament, "Test everything, hold fast to what is good."

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