Friday, July 31, 2009

U.S. Army May Help FEMA Force "Vaccines" On Citizens

The alternative health news web site Natural News reports on a CNN article revealing that the U.S. military is expected to "help" FEMA force swine flu "vaccination" on the public. The article, written by Mike Adams, can be read HERE.

FOX News also confirms this in a July 29th report which you can read HERE.

Even the U.N.-connected World Health Organization (WHO) recommends FORCED vaccination of all civilians from swine flu. Barbara Minton of Natural News, in her July 29 report, reveals that advisers to WHO for this action included "executives from Baxter, Novartis, Glaxo-Smith Kline, and Sanofi Pasteur". These four companies are some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and may stand to profit off of untested and suspected "vaccines" for this flu. Miss Minton's report can be read HERE.

Already there are protests in other countries against this plan for forced vaccination, especially in London, but the so-called 'mainstream media" won't cover it. Even way-out-there blogs like Alligator Farm have been giving detailed coverage of this planned turmoil, as well as the censored protests. You can read the latest article HERE.

Both Joel Skousen at World Affairs Brief and Ken Adachi at Educate Yourself are warning people about this rancid act of mass flu shots at gunpoint. Adachi himself urges his readers to spread the word about this and build up local and national opposition to it NOW. You may read the articles HERE.

As Chesterton wrote at the end of his great work What's Wrong With The World , he wrote thus:

When a crapulous tyranny crushes men down into the dirt, so that their very hair is dirty, the scientific course is clear. It would be long and laborious to cut off the heads of the tyrants; it is easier to cut off the hair of the slaves. In the same way, if it should ever happen that poor children, screaming with toothache, disturbed any schoolmaster or artistic gentleman, it would be easy to pull out all the teeth of the poor; if their nails were disgustingly dirty, their nails could be plucked out; if their noses were indecently blown, their noses could be cut off. The appearance of our humbler fellow-citizen could be quite strikingly simplified before we had done with him. But all this is not a bit wilder than the brute fact that a doctor can walk into the house of a free man, whose daughter's hair may be as clean as spring flowers, and order him to cut it off. It never seems to strike these people that the lesson of lice in the slums is the wrongness of slums, not the wrongness of hair.

In a similar fashion, if you want to get rid of the swine flu, you eliminate the causes of swine flu....not the people who may catch it. And this forced vaccination scheme cooked up by the U.N., it's member governments (including America's) and several members of "Big Pharmacy" will certainly do the latter.

Once again, another anti-Distributist policy must be stopped...this one.

Let your friends and neighbors know what's up ahead this Fall with this swine flu fiasco, and build up opposition to it NOW. This is not baloney, this is the real deal. Fight this thing NOW! Demand your local officials not participate in this hoax, and don't take "NO" for an answer!

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