Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rebel Against A "Servile World"

Reprinted on the American paleo-conservative website Front Porch Republic, this is an excellent presentation by Allen Carlson to an recent English conference on Distributism. Posted on July 23rd, Mr. Carlson's paper is good food for thought, and should spur we Distributist to concrete action worldwide.

You may read Mr. Carlson's paper HERE.

The paper also gives specific proposals to implement Distributist policies in America. Many of these same proposals can work elsewhere in the world, but tailored to the unique situations in each country.

Let us all indeed read what Mr. Carlson has to say, reflect on it, then act on what we reflect in our neighborhoods, regions and home countries. Then we can be, with God's merciful Hand guiding us, one step closer to the goal...of a Distributist Earth.

And nothing less.

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