Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Trouble With "Tea Parties"

Over the last few weeks, folks like Fox TV hosts Glenn Back have been pushing for nationwide so-called "tea parties". In memory of the Boston Tea Party before the American Revolution, these "tea parties" are supposed to rally the growing angry American public to protest government screw-ups.

However, these protests usually lead to just voting again for the same or similar types of candidates. Either Democrat or Republican, either liberal or neo-conservative, usually puppets of big business or big government or both.

These protests, though well-intentioned, will do nothing if they lead Joe and Jane Average to do the same old thing over again.

That is why Devvy Kidd, a patriot's patriot, has been warning folks about these "parties" for a while now. And conversely, what we must do to effect real political change. The hard way, county by county, but the only way to push the big government side of the Servile State back into it's place...in Hell.

For over 20 years, she's been on the cutting edge in warning folks about the globalist fanatics in both "mainstream" political parties. Though she isn't a Distributist, she supports many things we do. Like local government over big government, protecting family farms, defending a sound currency, defending the traditional family and so on.

So via the right-wing opinion website News With Views, here is her column on these "tea parties" and what YOU can do NOW to turn back the march of both big business and big government in your neighborhood. You may read her column HERE.

If you decide to contact her, please let her know you read about her in The Distributist Voice. And thank you.

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