Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thailand's Mixed-Up Politics

Thailand has been in the news off-and-on again, with it's governments toppled for one group of corruption charges after another. In this type of mix, it's difficult to promote Distributist policies to the average citizen, or even get a fair hearing.

This post by the blogger "LMNOP", from the Asia/Pacific video sharing website EngageMedia, gives an analysis of recent Thai political history. You can read his article HERE.

Distributism is solid on doctrine, flexible in application. What set of policies that may work in America or Russia may not work at all in France or India and vice versa. Each country must be studied so that what Belloc, Chesterton and their successors taught can be tailor-made for each nation's unique circumstances.

In other words, hand-craft the solution for Thailand rather than mass-produce it like our rivals in Socialism and Capitalism.

Let Thailand learn more about Distributism. For it can only help their poor and middle-classes, of all backgrounds, restore their nation to economic and political health.

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