Sunday, February 22, 2009

Decentralize The Grid Now!

A non-negotiable tenet of Distributist Thought is decentralizing ownership of the means of production to as many as possible. One of those means of production is electricity generation.

With the continuous advances in developing low-level technology over the years, it's now possible to generate your own power. This is true for individual homes and local communities. Not only does these advances help homes keep the lights on during emergencies, but it also makes the overall electricity supply safer from terrorist attacks. For the more power generators there are, and the smaller they are, the less tempting a target for sabotage they are.

With this in mind, there are some links from a Cambridge, MA man active in promoting energy conservation and both solar and "micro-power" generation. This link HERE talks of three projects he'd love to get people involved in, promoting more public acceptance of solar power.

And this link HERE from the - alas - rabid pro-Democrat website Daily Kos speaks of employing parked cars or trucks as auxiliary generators. There's also a link HERE on how both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford did a joint project creating an electric house powered with "on-site generators". And all before World War One!

We can do this now to ensure a more pro-Distributist energy policy where we live. At the same time, we can get on both Congress' and Big Energy's case. Demand they get out of the way of average folks making and promoting alternative energy for themselves and their neighborhoods.

Stick it to the Socialists and Capitalists ruining America's energy future. Promote this today! Act on this today!

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