Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As of noon Eastern Standard Time, Barack Obama will be sworn in as America's 44th President.

This is indeed a dreadful day for America.

For another man will occupy the White House who is...

Committed to killing the unborn through abortion.

Committed to promoting the Sexual Revolution.

Committed to destroying small businesses and cooperatives through over-regulation and high taxation.

Committed to promoting so-called “free trade”.

Committed to continue two un-Constitutional wars in areas of the world that didn't attack America.

Committed to keeping America in the United Nations, the WTO and the IMF.

Committed to destroying privacy and anonymity in our daily lives and financial dealings.

Committed to see America, Russia and the rest of the world swallowed up in a Global Servile State.

Just like Bush before him....

And Clinton before him...

And the first Bush before him...

We at the Voice will do our utmost to oppose the Obama regime in the only way we can...

With prayer, penance and promoting Distributism through this blog and our daily efforts. And we invite you to do the same, wherever in the world you read us.

Thank you and please pray for us.


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Mr_Mike said...

A good follow-up article would be to have at least 3 examples of proof with each of the charges, all of which I would tend to believe.