Thursday, December 4, 2008


According to this report HERE from the BBC, the Parliament of Luxembourg is planning to cut power from the sovereign, His Royal Highness the Grand Duke Henri. The London Times also reports on this horrid bill HERE. And why?

Because he won't sign a law that allows the evils of euthanasia to rum rampant in that tiny country.

An alliance of Socialist, Liberal and Green deputies pushed through this bill by a 30 to 26 margin. And the Christian Social party, though it opposes this evil bill, will not do anything to stand in the way of this bill's implementation. So they will “trim” the power of the Grand Duke instead.

His Royal Highness, who's family is descended from St. Louis IX – the greatest of all French kings, opposed the euthanasia bill for "reasons of conscience". Then the Grand Duke's conscience is well-formed indeed on this issue. For euthanasia is part of the typical eugenics agenda that both Globalists and Sexual Revolutionaries demand for every country. And so-called “mercy killing” is anything but merciful, for it treats the life of the elderly, mentally ill and sick as less than human.

Belloc and Chesterton, in the early days of the Distributist League, fought similar measures brewing in the British Parliament. Chesterton in his work Eugenics and Other Evils thundered against this revival of the crimes of Herod the Great in the Twentieth Century.

Protecting the traditional family and the sanctity of life is a key tenet of Distributist Thought. And like subsidiarity, it is non-negotiable.

What can we do to push this back? Along with prayer, which is the necessary beginning of all good action, contact the Luxembourg Parliament by e-mail, postcard and letter. Be brief and polite. But demand they leave the Grand Duke and the Constitution alone. And don't put the euthanasia bill into law...ever! And spread the word to pro-lifers worldwide and get them to do the same!

Don't let the Socialists and their allies triumph in Luxembourg. Defend the defenseless and defend the Grand Duke!

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